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Pioneering Personalized Cancer Treatment Boston, USA

| Overview |

Travera is on a mission to revolutionize cancer treatment. Their groundbreaking work centers around the development of a transformative technology that personalizes cancer therapy. By measuring individual responses to cancer drugs, Travera is creating a universal biomarker that empowers oncologists to make swift and accurate treatment decisions based on each patient's unique tumor cell reactions to candidate drugs. Established in 2017, Travera's journey began with a vision to bring this revolutionary measurement technology and biomarker to life. The foundation of their mission originated from the Manalis Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research (MIT).


Precision Medicine


Series A


Capital Raise

Transaction Value

USD 7,000,000






Finding the Right VC Partner

Travera embarked on a pivotal quest—to secure the ideal institutional VC partner who would propel their mission forward. The challenge was not just about finding any investor but identifying one who shared Travera's unwavering commitment to personalizing cancer treatment. Travera sought an investor who recognized the revolutionary potential of their measurement technology and believed in their vision.


Nodes Advisors, A Key Investment Banker

In this journey, Nodes Advisors stepped in as Travera's Investment Banker, spearheading their Series A Follow-on funding round and potentially future rounds, securing the capital needed to propel Travera to the next pivotal stage of growth.

Our collaboration with Travera's leadership team and board members was built on crafting compelling investor outreach materials. Leveraging our extensive global network and industry expertise, we meticulously identified and engaged investors renowned for their interest in cutting-edge diagnostics within our extensive Global Investor Network.

Our outreach efforts encompassed a diverse array of potential investors, ranging from venture capitalists to growth equity firms, corporate venture capitalists, and strategic partners. This strategic targeting led to the successful attraction of notable investors who shared Travera's vision and recognized the immense potential of their rapid-genomic sequencing-based diagnostics.


A Successful Series A Financing

Travera's journey culminated in a highly successful Series A financing round, securing a substantial amount of funding. This financing round was led by a strong syndicate of investors, including a notable new investor, underscoring the tremendous promise of Travera's mission. With this significant funding injection, Travera is poised to further advance its pioneering work in personalized cancer diagnostics.

This funding will accelerate their efforts to revolutionize cancer treatment, bringing hope to patients worldwide and reinforcing Travera's commitment to creating a brighter future in the fight against cancer.

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