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| Business Development |

We work with companies that are solving global-scale problems

This tackling requires commitment and collaboration and deal making. We truly believe that the ecosystem succeeds when everyone in it can both contribute their expertise and benefit from the network: through talent, partnerships, investments, and resources.

We have deep experience on both the buy and sell-side, and work with our clients to ensure that partnership, licensing decisions are taken with confidence, along with clear alignment between transaction price and asset value.

| What we dO |

The Nodes Network facilitates the creation of long-term mutually beneficial relationships between founders, startups, strategic corporate partners and investors.

With over a decade of experience providing biotech & pharma licensing services, we advise clients sitting on either side of the table.


We begin by partnering with you to define a robust out-licensing or partnering strategy, aligning on shared objectives.


Our team carefully reviews your data to ensure its accuracy and completeness. In cases where gaps are identified, we collaborate with you to conduct additional studies.


Next, we perform a comprehensive search for prospective partners, using our extensive industry knowledge and relationships to filter and rank them based on their technical fit.


Drawing on our deep expertise and understanding of the industry, we develop tailored approach strategies for each prospective partner.


Working closely with you, we implement a targeted outreach strategy to engage with prospective partners.


To facilitate confidential data sharing, we provide access to a virtual data room and coordinate the execution of a CDA.


Throughout the process, we serve as a critical conduit of communication between prospective partners and our client, expertly navigating the negotiation of non-binding term sheets (and leading negotiations if requested).


Finally, we expertly coordinate final negotiations and ensure seamless deal completion, delivering maximum value to our clients.

| Investor & VC |

Overview In a fiercely competitive market with complex deals, smart decision-making is critical.

From performing due diligence to improving portfolio-company performance to maximizing exit value, we collaborate with and enhance management teams. We challenge existing plans, unlock value, and evaluate talent with a pragmatic and hands-on approach. Connect with us or join our circle. 

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