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| AI Program |

Biotech x AI
Open Program

The first ever open program for next-generation biotech companies, in the heart of Europe.

| About the Program |

To the next frontier of Biotech

We are launching the first ever AI open program aimed at early stage Biotech companies at the intersection of engineering, science & biology.

We're looking for world-class startups who are creating software-enabling biotech companies with the potential to make incredible advances in the world of biology and life science.

| Our Mission |

Our Mission is to find the next generation of world-class entrepreneurs who are creating biotech companies at the intersection of engineering and biology, and provide those founders with the right strategies, the knowledge, the connections and structure necessary to build a life science company.

NODES BIO is founded by venture capitalists and entrepreneurs in the BIO space who have built and invested in iconic companies as well as academics; NODES will spend a single intense month with them to help them craft a strategy to a successful launch.

Our Mission


We're especially interested in innovative startups building solutions within the thematic areas below, as well as within healthcare delivery, programmable medicine and engineered biology.

| BEnefits of our Program |

We support selected candidates with consulting and one-on-one sessions for an intense 1-month course. We help founders build world-class teams, find projects and customers, and support in raising a the financing round.


We’ll work closely with you to provide strategic guidance and tailored support

Investor Access

We’ll work with you to craft a targeted fundraising strategy, introduce you to our esteemed network of VCs and the wider Life science industry investors.

Peer Group

You’ll join an elite peer community of founders in the program, going after shared challenges together


Incorporate early feedback and build traction with an extensive network of companies seeking to partner with bio + engineering startups

Experts Panel

Our incredible experts will share
their knowledge and insights (more to be announced)

Eliott Harfouche

Managing Partner at NODES

Amit Deshwar

Head of Predictive Systems at Deep Genomics

Zoe Guttendorf

Head of Marketing and Investor Relations at Artis Ventures

Andrew Granatstein

Associate at SpaceFund Ventures

Tyler Aroner

Partner at NODES

Nirmesh Patel

VP, Investments at The Venture Collective

Our Partners

AWS Activate is a free program specifically designed for startups and early stage entrepreneurs that offers the resources needed to get started on AWS.

Portfolio Companies


What kind of companies are you looking for?

We are looking for innovative companies located at the intersection of AI and life science and biotechnology. This includes companies in the agritech, space tech, and senescence industries as well as all the traditional biotech/life science verticals.

What stage of startup are you looking for? What are the eligibility requirements?

Participating companies must be either Pre-Seed or Seed stage companies as we feel they will receive the most benefit from our program. Companies must be a biotech or life science company utilizing AI/ML or engineering principles in biology.

Will you accept multiple startups working on the same idea?

Yes, there is a lot of room for innovation, particularly in the AIxBIO space, and we believe that there will often be sufficient room for differentiation even between companies with similar ideas.

When does your program begin?

The program utilizes rolling admissions, start times are dependent on the number of accepted applicants at any given time.

What benefits do I receive from participating in your program?

As an entrepreneur in our program, you will receive mentorship, access to the Nodes Advisors investor network, community, and partnerships. We will work with you to identify the areas which will be of most benefit to you during the program.

What else do you provide (housing, office space, lab space, ect…)?

Amazon AWS serves as a technical partner for the program, providing participating founders with technical expertise in addition to Amazon AWS credits. We do not offer housing, office, or lab space directly.

Why do you take an equity stake in participating companies?

We believe that taking an equity stake in participating companies aligns our incentives and creates the best possible environment for success.

What control, if any, am I giving up by granting equity? (Do you take, or dictate board seats?)

We will not take or dictate any boards seats and will not seek to control any aspect of your company, we simply want to provide you with the tools necessary for your success.

What terms are participating companies agreeing to?

Companies will agree to the statement of work and attendant contract including equity and fees.

Do I have to be located in Switzerland to participate?

No, the program is online and open to anyone anywhere in the world. Our investors and participating experts are dispersed across the globe. In addition, we did not want to restrict access to the program for only companies operating in certain geographies.

Is a business plan required to apply?

No, we do not believe a business plan is the most useful measurement for companies in this field and at this stage.

Can a single person apply to the program?

Yes, however, we would recommend that you have at least a technical co-founder so that you can get the maximum benefit from the program.

Can I submit more than one application?

If you have more than one company or have made significant advancements since your last application, we would be more than happy to receive additional applications.

What sort of fundraising opportunities will I have as a result of participating in your program?

Nodes Advisors has an extensive network of over 60 investors across the globe. In addition, we have participating experts from SpaceFund Ventures and ARTIS Ventures.

Is your investor network primarily located in Europe/Switzerland?

No, our investor network is global with the majority of institutional investors located either in Europe or the United States.