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| Epsilon, Software solution |

AI-Powered Operations, for Every Transaction decision

Our AI-powered software solutions streamline core workflows across your organization, providing data-driven insights to assist in transaction decisions from capital raising to building meaningful partnerships.

Tap into the power of one integrated solution and drive better outcomes across your entire capital raising transaction.

Work faster and smarter every step of the way, with:

Data Synthesis and Management:

Our platform integrates, delivers, and ensures high-quality data for critical operations, using the backbone for some of the most complex AI environments in the world. We help manage the interconnected lifecycles of your data, modeling, analytics, operational decisions, and end-user workflows, providing a seamless experience for both managers and investors.

Ethical and Governance:

We prioritize responsible AI and provide deep feature sets around AI safety, reliability, explainability, and governance. Our platform ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and ethical standards, giving investors peace of mind and fund managers the ability to manage risk effectively.

Decision Optimization:

Our platform chains together models across workflows, teams, and organizational units for simulated operations and continuous decision optimization. 

We help orchestrate model-driven actions across existing systems, providing fund managers with the ability to optimize their investment portfolios and make data-driven decisions.

In addition, our platform provides secure and efficient communication and collaboration tools, making it easy for fund managers and investors to stay connected and informed throughout the capital raising process. With our software solution, fund managers can perform front-to-back office activities in a single unified environment, optimizing their multi-asset class portfolios by utilizing common workflows that support the gathering, approving, and distributing data and reports.

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