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Pioneers in Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine

| Overview |

Our partnership with Regencor, a leading biotech company, underscores our shared commitment to advancing the field of regenerative medicine, with a primary focus on tackling cardiovascular diseases, particularly myocardial infarction (heart attack) and heart failure. Regencor's groundbreaking approach involves developing transformative therapies designed to repair and regenerate damaged heart tissues, marking a significant advancement in cardiovascular medicine.


Regenerative Medicine


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Regenerative medicine to heal myocardial infarctions


  • Founded in 2015
  • Joined Stanford StartX incubator in 2016
  • Large animal validation achieved in 2020


National Institutes of Health


Mark Mercola, PhD Thomas Okarma, MD, PhD


Identifying the Ideal Institutional Fund Partner

Regencor faced a distinctive challenge that required a specialized solution – finding the ideal institutional fund partner with deep technical expertise and knowledge in cardiovascular health. The task at hand was to secure a partner who not only understood the intricacies of Regencor's pioneering work but also shared their vision for transforming the treatment landscape of cardiovascular diseases.


Tailoring Our Expertise the Cardiovascular Sector

Nodes Advisors recognized the unique nature of Regencor's challenge and customized our solution accordingly. We set out to identify and align with an institutional fund partner possessing the highly specialized expertise and insights required to support Regencor's mission effectively.


Unlocking a Promising Future

Regencor's journey, marked by positive pre-clinical data and investor interest, positions the company on the brink of a significant milestone – advancing their innovative therapies into clinical testing. This progress promises transformative treatments for individuals suffering from myocardial infarction and heart failure, offering renewed hope and improved healthcare outcomes.

Our partnership with Regencor underscores our commitment to driving innovation in cardiovascular regenerative medicine and our dedication to securing partners who share our vision for a healthier future.

“Our mission: to regenerate the human heart after a heart attack, thereby restoring cardiac function, reducing progression to heart failure, and improving the quality of life for heart attack patients worldwide."

Thomas Okarma, MD, PhD (Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Regencor)

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