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Day Zero Diagnostics

Revolutionizing infectious disease diagnosis and treatment with genomic sequencing and machine learning to solve antibiotic resistance.

| Overview |

Our partnership with Day Zero Diagnostics (DZD), a pioneering Boston-based company, symbolizes a shared commitment to revolutionizing infectious disease diagnosis and treatment. DZD's mission is nothing short of transformative, employing genomic sequencing and machine learning to combat the escalating global threat of antibiotic resistance.




Series A


Capital Raise

Transaction Value

USD 21,000,000


Infectious disease




Sands Capital

Golden Seeds

Panacea Ventures



Securing Strategic Funding in a Critical Field

DZD, at the forefront of infectious disease diagnostics, faced a critical challenge as it aimed to accelerate the development of life-saving diagnostic technologies. With the global menace of antibiotic resistance looming, they sought strategic funding to propel their mission forward. Their goal was clear: to promptly reach a vital funding milestone that would enable them to advance their mission of combatting infectious diseases.


Navigating the Complex Landscape

Nodes Advisors stepped into the arena as the architects of a comprehensive fundraising strategy for DZD. Our collaborative efforts with DZD's management team and board members involved crafting persuasive investor outreach materials. Leveraging our extensive global network and industry expertise in the diagnostics sector, we meticulously identified and engaged investors renowned for their dedication to groundbreaking diagnostics within our expansive Global Investor Network.


A Pivotal Impact

Our pivotal role extended to guiding investors through the due diligence process, ensuring a smooth journey from initial engagement to funding acquisition. The result was transformative: DZD secured $21 million in equity funding from prestigious investors, including Triventures, Sands Capital, Golden Seeds, Panacea Ventures, and other top-tier funds.

This achievement was a testament to the power of collaboration and strategic fundraising, reinforcing DZD's capacity to lead the charge in revolutionizing infectious disease diagnostics.

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