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Coastar Therapeutics

Pioneering Biological Payload Delivery for Immunotherapy

| Overview |

Our partnership with Coastar Therapeutics, a pre-clinical biotech company based in the heart of Biotech Beach in San Diego, signifies our shared commitment to advancing the landscape of cancer immunotherapy and gene therapies. Coastar's groundbreaking ENHEnSTM technology, designed to coat biological payloads with cell membranes, has the potential to revolutionize the successful delivery of these therapies, providing new hope to patients worldwide.




Series A Extension


Capital Raise

Transaction Value

USD 4,500,000






A Short Runway to Secure a Co-lead Investor

Coastar Therapeutics faced a unique challenge, navigating a short runway to secure a co-lead investor for their promising biological payload delivery technology. With time constraints and high expectations, finding the right partner on favorable terms was imperative to accelerate their mission.



Charting a Course to Accelerated Success

Our collaboration with Coastar Therapeutics underscores our dedication to overcoming unique challenges. We embarked on a tailored journey to identify and secure a co-lead investor who recognizes the transformative potential of Coastar's ENHEnSTM technology and shares their commitment to advancing cancer immunotherapy and gene therapies.

Coastar's future is poised for accelerated progress, thanks to our partnership, promising breakthroughs in biological payload delivery, and the potential to redefine the future of immunotherapy for cancer and challenging diseases. Together, we're delivering hope to patients worldwide.

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