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Bioeclipse Therapeutics

Next-Generation Immunotherapies California, USA

| Overview |

Bioeclipse Therapeutics is developing novel, more effective immunotherapies against solid tumors by utilizing immune cells loaded with cancer-cell specific oncolytic viruses.




Series B


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Next generation immunotherapies for solid tumors


  • Founded and renamed in 2017


Life Span Investments

Foothill Ventures

Delta Partners

Revelis Capital


Pamela Contag, PhD


9M deaths caused by drug resistance

An estimated 9 million people per year die of cancer due to drug resistance acquired by tumors against the original drug targets.


Cancer-targeting immune cells loaded with oncolytic viruses

Bioeclipse is developing next generation immunotherapies which utilizes cancer-targeting immune cells loaded with oncolytic viruses, generating a multi-pronged attack on hard-to-treat tumors.


USD 53B market

In the initial basket trial, Bioeclipse Therapeutics is targeting a range of solid tumors with a combined global market size greater than $53 billion.

"CRX100 addresses a significant unmet medical need in fatal conditions for which there are limited treatment options. CRX100, which migrates to the tumor site, targets tumor cells and delivers the cancer-destroying virus, has the potential to significantly help those with chemotherapy-resistant or refractory solid tumors"

Oliver Dorigo M.D., PhD (Director of the Gynecologic Cancer Service at Stanford University)

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