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A breakthrough in Smart Medicine

Sensulin’s Smart Insulin is a promising approach to mitigating complications associated with diabetes.


Paving the way for the next generation of diabetes treatment

San Diego, CA, USA
Sector: Biotech
Focus: Diabetes therapeutics
Year: 2020


A drastically underserved market in the auto-immune space

The life of a diabetic patient is dictated by extreme fluctuations in blood sugar. Regulating levels of glucose requires a painstakingly regimented lifestyle, along with carefully timed insulin injections every day.

While Type II diabetes patients need one to two injections per day, the biggest insulin users are Type I patients. Making up less than 6% of all diabetics in the US, they depend on a staggering six doses of insulin on average every day to keep their blood sugar in check.

Chronic diabetes is infamously known for the various complications that can arise in the long term, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and diabetic neuropathy or retinopathy.

Every year, over 800,000 people become blind from diabetes-related issues.

However, besides having to cope with these disabling or life-threatening risks, most patients also suffer from complications with insulin – the critical component that helps regulate the disease in the first place. In fact, injecting too much medication can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and severe consequences such as seizures, brain damage, and even death.

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A Platform to make insulin smarter and more responsive

To address these concerns, Sensulin is developing a solution that can manage glucose levels intelligently throughout the day: one application of Glucose-Responsive Insulin (GRI) or “Smart Insulin,” based on Stimulus-Responsive Drug Delivery (SRDD).

Involving a linker system that responds to glucose receptors, the proprietary technology autoregulates the release of insulin based on the body’s blood glucose levels, thereby decreasing the number of daily insulin injections from six to only one. The auto-regulating dosage is safe and suitable for all patients.

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A differentiated technology to break the status quo

Sensulin’s Smart Insulin is a promising approach to mitigating complications associated with diabetes. With a vast number of cases caused by too much or too little insulin in the body, the solution works on regulating the release of insulin in a more accurate way, to restore and maintain normal glucose levels for longer.

This also means the GRI approach can ultimately reduce the risk of hypoglycemia and associated complications by 50% for Type I and Type II diabetes.

Dr. Alan Cherrington, Chairman of Sensulin’s advisory board, stated:

The big problem with current insulin therapy is the risk of hypoglycemia, which is the price that must be paid for tight glucose control. There is a need for insulin analogs which can achieve tight control without the consequence of excessive hypoglycemia. Glucose-responsive insulin represents a novel way to achieve that goal.


From single asset to groundbreaking platform

Today, there are roughly 463 million diabetic patients worldwide, of which 150-200 million require insulin daily – with that number expected to grow to 592 million by the year 2035. Rising levels of obesity and disease prevalence have contributed to a 12% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the diabetic market, with numbers continuing to grow exponentially.

Expected to be more effective, more affordable, and safer than today’s standard treatment, Sensulin’s Smart Insulin presents an opportunity to create a new differentiated solution with key advantages in the market

Backed with 3 granted patents and a strong IP strategy, the San-Diego-based biotech company proposes an innovative solution and a simplified clinical pathway, without the need to bet on a new consumer behavior.

The company is led by a team of ex-Amylin scientists and executives with a combined century of experience in diabetes and biotech as well as a successful exit track record (including a USD 7 billion USD M&A exit in 2012, the largest ever pure-play diabetes exit to date).

In other words, Sensulin has the opportunity to become the best-in-class GRI solution.